What do Dell, Cisco, Microsoft and IBM all have in common? The obvious answer is that they are all leading U.S technology companies, the more surprising answer is that they all have Pinterest boards. Some businesses dismiss Pinterest as just a site for women. Yes, 80% of the 70 million Pinterest users are women. However, the old prejudices about women and technology – at least for these leading companies – have, thankfully, faded away. Women may not outpace men as technologist but studies show that they outpace men when it comes to purchasing technology products.
Cisco has 22 boards with one of them uniquely focused on women – the “Cisco Women in Technology” board. They not only feature their women employees (their work-related activities and other accomplishments) but also recommend books that focus on women’s empowerment. This is a smart move that recognizes who the majority of the Pinterest audience is.

Another defining feature of Pinterest is its focus on visual images as the primary means of communication. Both Cisco and IBM recognize the power of visual images on Pinterest and have created boards devoted to infographics. IBM’s infographics are clearly made available for partners and others to use – a win-win for IBM (who brands their infographics) and for users who now have professional graphics to support content on their website or blog.


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