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User Experience (UX) Consulting

UX Strategy: Based on User Needs

Creating a great user Website or application means optimizing all of the elements of the user experience – from honing a concept to making sure users get the features, content, and support they need. In order to achieve this, you need a sound user experience strategy based on user needs, expectations, and drivers:

  • What do your users need or want to accomplish on your site or app?
  • What is the best process flow to guide them to their goals?

We help you balance the needs of your users with those of your business or organization, and develop basic user requirements that form a roadmap for design.

Our Design Process 

We move the concept from ideas on a white board to tangible design.

During the UX design process, our designers:

  • Model different approaches to the user interface
  • Create a sound information architecture
  • Design screen navigation and interactions
  • Prototype key user paths through the interface
  • Validate the concept by testing with real users

Sample work product

Deliverables we provide as part of a user experience project typically include:


Definition of users, scenarios, key tasks, content, functionality, and other key requirements

Concept documents

Models of different approaches to the structure and flow of information on the site, including wireframes

Look and feel

Alternatives and iterations of the graphical user interface, language, and other creative elements

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