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Usability Research

Usability Evaluations

A usability evaluation of your existing website or application provides you with crucial information before you start a redesign project. We analyze your site or application from the perspective of its user, uncovering potential issues with:

  • Browsing
  • Searching
  • Comprehension
  • Content
  • Features and functionality
  • Performance

Dependent on the goals and objectives, studies can be either high level, uncovering the principal issues needing to be fixed, or can be comprehensive audits. Audits can be used as tools for complete site redesigns.

User Research

We use a variety of techniques to test a website or application with actual users (or people resembling your users), including:

  • Remote interviews – one-on-one studies with users via screen sharing
  • Lab testing – one-on-one, in-person studies with user in a focus group facility
  • Field studies – observational studies (often with an interview) within the context of a home, work, or other environment relevant to the technology or product
  • Unmoderated remote surveys – card sorts, questionnaires, and other studies conducted via online tools
  • User workshops – participatory, one-day workshops where participants share experiences, raise issues, and discuss potential features for a redesign

Sample work product

Deliverables we provide as part of a user research studies and usability projects include:

Initial reviews

Usability evaluations (heuristic reviews) identify key issues to be addressed. These may be standalone reviews or the beginning of a more lengthy research process.

Research planning documents

Recruiting plans and moderator guides are some of the documents we generate as part of user research studies

Research findings

Detailed reports and briefings of findings from a user research study provided, together with background materials such as video files and logs

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