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Toning Your Tone

How much do you think about the tone of your website and digital communications? Tone (or tone of voice) is the way in which an author (whether individual or an organization)) approaches a subject for a specific audience.For example, tone can be formal or informal,...

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The Truth about Hamburger Icons

What's the Problem? An article from Nielsen Norman Group on hamburger icons that enumerated the problems in using hamburger menus and other potentially obscure (or hidden) forms of navigation.  These include: users are less likely to use navigation when it is...

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Waterfront Navigator Site Debuts

New York City Economic Development Corporation has announced the launch of New York City's Waterfront Navigator website. Funded by the Empire State Development Corp. and city, the purpose of the site is to act as a one-stop shop for users to figure out which permits...

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New GTM Website Rolls Out

Enervision Media, Inc. is pleased to announce that a new, responsive redesign of the website has successfully rolled out. Our client, GTM Payroll Services, in Clifton Park, New York is a premier provider of payroll services for household employers nationwide,...

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Mega Menus – Friend or Foe?

Clients often ask for mega menus (those extra-large menus that offer a large number of links to site pages) as a way of providing quick access to deeply buried pages or data on their site. Mega menus have been a trend for years.  But they’re not for every site, and...

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