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Case Study: from Startup to Industry Leader

The Challenge

When we began working with GlobalSpec, they were a small startup in Troy, New York. Their online Web product guide for engineers and other technical professionals had several usability issues, which was hampering the growth of the fledgling service offering. They needed to improve the ability of the end-users  to find what they were looking for, or their product – and company – wasn’t going to get off the ground.

The Solution

Our early work with GlobalSpec focused on extensive research with users. We began by identifying who the users were, what were the different scenarios in which they were coming to the site, what were their needs and interests, and then finding out what issues they were having in using the site. This was handled through one-on-one usability research.

An ongoing process of testing with and talking to engineers...

Informed many rounds of design refinements to the interface

Resulting in improvements to navigation as well as lead generation

The Payoff: Business Growth

From the beginning, talking to users paid off. The changes to design we provided led to an increase in users finding what they needed – specific product information – as well as corresponding lead generation for the suppliers who advertise on GlobalSpec – a win-win.

Subsequently, GlobalSpec has been through many major and minor design updates.  For each major release, Enervision has assisted with user-centered services, from usability research to design strategy to specifications.

We have contributed to GlobalSpec’s growth as a business and a brand through our consulting in user experience research and design.  GlobalSpec’s flagship Web property – re-named Engineering360 – is a primary resource in the field for providing news, data and analytics to the global engineering and technical community, with over 8 million users.  It was recently acquired by IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization.

Indexed Web Pages

Online Documents

Registered Users

Years of Service

The Site Today


Ongoing Dialogue with Users

We continue to test major product upgrades with GlobalSpec users, through one-on-one interviews conducted via private GoToMeeting Web conference calls.

Global Navigation Redesigned

When news stories were introduced to GlobalSpec’s Engineering360 website, new issues with navigation were introduced.  Additional rounds of testing with users helped guide our recommendations for changes in the navigation pull-down menus, to make sure products and suppliers remained a focus.

Updated for Mobile

Although the majority of the users still come to the site on a desktop browser, the interface has recently been upgraded to a responsive design, to ensure the experience is optimized for mobile devices.

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