The major eLearning companies are using social media for promotion.  It’s no surprise that a consumer-focused company like Rosetta Stone is heavily involved on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. They have big budget marketing campaigns and the social web is naturally part of their marketing mix. They have 2.1 million followers on Facebook, and have an extensive library of YouTube videos that promote their products and provide complementary information on travel for their users that are learning a language for a vacation abroad.

But other eLearning companies like Blackboard, Skillsoft and CompassLearning are not only using some of these same social venues but are also using LinkedIn, Pinterest and blogs to communicate with their prospects and customers.


Skillsoft – a company that provides training for businesses – uses LinkedIn to connect back to their free whitepapers, Slideshare presentations, blog posts and to promote their events.

CompassLearning – a company that focuses on elementary through high school education – uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as part of their marketing mix, but also uses Pinterest to support its existing customers. It pins images that teachers can download and printout for their classrooms, ideas that teachers can use and links to information that is of professional interest to teachers.

Social media can also complement a company’s support services. An innovative eLearning company should consider using a closed Facebook group as a way of communicating with existing customers around a topic or setting up a support account on twitter where user can ask short questions and get answers in the form of links to more detailed how-to information.

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