Enervision Media, Inc. is pleased to announce that a new, responsive redesign of the GTM.com website has successfully rolled out.

Our client, GTM Payroll Services, in Clifton Park, New York is a premier provider of payroll services for household employers nationwide, as well as to businesses of all sizes.

The Enervision team began working on the GTM website redesign year.  Chris Chariton, GTM’s Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development had approached us in the Fall of 2015 about upgrading their large (WordPress) website, which she felt has several issues. These included issues with navigation, an outdated look and feel, and a lack of content for evolving user audiences.

The first thing the Enervision team did was a Discovery Phase to assess the market and develop a strategy for the redesign. We find that putting as much time as possible into strategy optimizes the chance of success on any project, and this is especially the case with large sites.

GTM has two separate lines of businesses, one for regional businesses another (national business) for household employers.  Our redesign kept these WordPress installations separate, while unifying the brand with a set of pages for the Corporate identity.

Our goals were to modernize the site, reach a broader range of users and audiences, remove duplication of content, revamp the approach to imagery and multimedia, and improve SEO and usability.  The Enervision team worked very closely with the members of GTM Marketing to accomplish the redesign in a 4-month window.

The new site has really elevated our brand,” said Chris Chariton, upon site release and following an internal review. We look forward to supporting GTM going forward in this new phase of their business evolution.

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